You know you have your favorite. Wines are a bit like religions, everyone thinks their choice is the best and if you don’t like their favorite, you’re crazy. I beg to differ! True religion is the one that works for you, and the same thing goes for wine. Dry, sweet, red, white, rosé … brandy – whatever gets you through the day, THAT is the best wine!

bran·dy | /ˈbrandē/ | noun | A strong alcoholic spirit distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice.


Barrel Oak Winery Dog Door

Barrel Oak Winery – BOW, wow, wow, WOW!$!

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Leave your comments at bottom of this page Barrel Oak Winery 3623 Grove Ln Delaplane, VA 20144 WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: HOURS: Open year round Mon-Thu – 11:00–6:00pm Fri – 11:00–9:00pm SatRead More…

Williamsburg Winery

Williamsburg Winery – Did I just step in something?

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Supposedly, this is the biggest winery in Virginia. Their Governor’s White sells 150,000-180,000 bottles – excuse me? Yup! 150,000-180,000 bottles per year accounting for 30% of their sales.