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Mattaponi Winery

Mattaponi Winery

7530 Morris Road
Spotsylvania, VA 22551




Wed-Sun – 10:00am-6:00pm
Call in advance for groups of 10 or more


(540) 582-2897

Mike and Janette Evans

Mattaponi Winery Tasting RoomLOCATION DESCRIPTION:  Mattaponi Winery is located in the Northern Virginia region in Spotsylvania County. Lake Anna is nearby and worth grabbing a bottle of wine and paying a visit to relax by the water.

TASTING ROOM DESCRIPTION:  The main tasting room was only 3 years old at the time of this visit. The walls are paneled with Tiger Stripe Maple and this wood is gorgeous! Other than that, it’s just a big rectangle room, but it is wrapped with a huge porch if you are into sitting outside overlooking the grand views of the… parking lot.

DATE/WEATHER/TIME IN:  3/23/2017  |  45⸰  |  1:40pm

MY RIDE ALONG (My side-kick for this visit): Mike R. has learned a lot about wines from our prior wine tastings and was so excited about his newfound knowledge he decided to join me once again.

Mattaponi Winery Tasting RoomTASTING FEES: $10

POURER: Joe – he let us know that all employees help with the winemaking.

THE TASTING: This Native-American inspired winery is going green, Mattaponi uses dry-erase tasting sheets. I always thought Mattaponi was pronounced matta-pony, but nope, it’s matta-po-nigh and named for 4 local rivers Ma, Ta, Po, and Ni, but I digress. We were presented with cheesecake with the premise that the wines will pair well (aka taste better). I wasn’t aware that the cheesecake would actually be essential in getting some of the tastings down.

The following represents a 1-5 scale with What the fuck? being the worst and Oh, hell yes! being the best.
The W-I-N-O tasting scale (the M is silent because who cares about the Ms?)
[W] – What the fuck?
If I won’t drink it, it’s fucking bad because I’ll drink anything.
[I] – I’ll pass.
Not good, but not dumped. That would be wasteful.
[M] – Meh.
It’s whatever.
[N] – Now we’re getting somewhere!
This is a goodie. I may have bought it, or it might not be worth the money, or I’ve already spent too much.
[O] – Oh, hell yes!
I probably bought this one.


Here we go, the Mattaponi Winery wines – please remember, these are just my opinions …

Literal shivers! What the holy hell? Way too acidic, like biting into a lemon.
Rating [I] Price $16
I was wondering why this Niagara-grape wine had a plastic aftertaste. Apparently, they use something called a FlexTank rather than traditional stainless steel or oak barrels. These tanks are made from – guess what- polyethylene plastic. Maybe they still had that new-tank smell? Yuck! Oh yeah, “min” means berry in Native American. Don’t ask me what “waba” means. Waba daba do!
Rating [I] Price $20
Cabernet Franc
As preferred, there is a nice black peppery taste, but I was overwhelmed once again by the acidity. Perhaps, they are picking their grapes too early – unripened grapes will be too sour.
Rating [I] Price $23
Cabernet Café
This one is infused with espresso beans from beginning to end in the fermentation process. It’s okay, I guess, but it’s a bit cloudy and needed the cheesecake to make it drinkable.
Rating [M] Price $23
“Day shuh-knock”, it’s pronounced something like that. At this point Joe insisted we have cake with each sample. Um.. should I be concerned? Is the purpose of the cheesecake to coat my tongue and lessen the acidic ick factor? This wine was slightly effervescent which makes it interesting and places it a notch above “meh” but not quite worthy of “now we’re getting somewhere.”
Rating [?] Price $24
Why would you do this? No one can pronounce this fucking word without implementing extensive phonetics. Regardless, I have to say that this blackberry wine is a nice change from the former mouth-puckering messes.
Rating [N] Price $23
For fuck’s sake! Really? I understand you’re going for the native American thing, but does the word even have anything to do with blueberries? Thank goodness the wine was good because the native American reading test is not going so well for me.
Rating [N] Price $23
Pocahontas’ Harvest
This is Merlot infused with cranberries. It’s another cloudy one, which could be an indication that the fermentation process did not finish fully. What’s the rush? In spite of that the flavor was well balanced between the two fruits.
Rating [N] Price $23
This is like eating fresh strawberries and without a doubt is their best selling wine. The ABV is about 10% but you can’t really taste the alcohol. Risky! Go ahead and take a crack at the pronunciation, because I missed it.
Rating [N] Price $23
“Whoa-hoppy”. This blueberry and strawberry blend tastes like competition. I’m not sure why, because these two berries would normally blend nicely. Perhaps, it’s because the stuff smells AND tastes like plastic. No!
Rating [M] Price $23
I believe you could take a urine sample and by adding enough sugar and fruit you will have some sort of drinkable sangria. Unfortunately, their Cabernet Franc sangria was just okay which is surprising considering the aforementioned scenario. I think it’s that high acid content that is just slowly killing my taste buds.
Rating [M] Price $35 for a kit
Pow Wow
The strawberry wine is already good, and chocolate just makes life that much better. Pronounceable and drinkable!
Rating [N] Price $25

Mattaponi Winery Sangria KitSUMMARY:
My first red flag should have been the insistence of pairing the wines with a rich dessert. I typically like a glass of wine by itself, and if it is not drinkable that way, then why waste a perfectly good dessert just so you can choke down the wine? Samples are typically an ounce or less so to give it a fair chance I’ll finish the entire taste. The only time I’ll dump it is if my gagger is heaving and although we came close a couple times, no wine went to waste. Many of the wines were disappointing because of the super-high acidity and weird plastic thing. The fruit wines, on the other hand, were delicious! My only issue was that you can’t really taste the alcohol and I like that taste; otherwise, I’d have a glass of fruit juice and save my liver the trouble. The tasting sheet is not very informative, so if you’re into all the flowery fluff of noses and bouquets you’ll just have to ask your pourer those questions. I bought a souvenir glass, that’s it, but I’d love for you to visit these guys and tell me if I was wrong.

Slow down, Mattaponi Winery, and let those grapes simmer on the vines a bit longer, and for God’s sake, get them out of that hideous plastic!

Mattaponi Winery

Mattaponi Winery

Mattaponi Winery Tasting Sheet

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