Saudé Creek Vineyards
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Saudé Creek Vineyards

Saudé Creek Vineyards

16230 Cooks Mill Road
Lanexa, Virginia 23089




Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun – 11:00am-6:00pm
Tuesday – Closed
Friday – 11:00am-9:00pm

(804) 966-5896



Saudé Creek VineyardsLOCATION DESCRIPTION:  Very scenic! The views from the deck off the back of the tasting room are lovely if you can see beyond all the tables, strung lights, and general clutter. It was an amazingly beautiful day – 73 degrees, bright blue sky … daydreamy, even!

Saudé Creek Vineyards Tasting RoomTASTING ROOM DESCRIPTION:  They have a great tasting room with a big stone fireplace and comfortable sitting area that does not interfere with the tasting bar.

DATE/WEATHER/TIME IN:  3/9/2017  |  73⸰  |  2:10pm

MY RIDE ALONG (My side-kick for this visit): Mike R. – He is a wine-making hobbyist that does not drink wine. Dude, seriously, we need to educate you so you know if what you are making is any good. So, he rode along and learned a thing or two. Actually, he drove – yes, the opportunity to get my serious drink on!

Saudé Creek Vineyards Tasting BarTASTING FEES: Classic tasting is 7 wines for $10. Premium tasting is 11 wines for $17. Did we do 11? Silly bird, of course we did. Were they worth $17? Uh, well, read on.

POURER: Katherine – everything I expect from a girl that pours for them because she likes the wine.

THE TASTING: Well, let’s start the confusion with the tasting sheets. We had one sheet with 18 wines listed and marked in sharpie with “C” next to 7 of those wines for the classic tasting. Then we had the same list on different colored paper marked with 11 P’s for the premium wines. I managed to find a clean, unmarked sheet to bring home for you. There was no option to try all 18 unless we paid $27 for the two tastings. Um, seriously, what the fuck? Have you tried your own wines? $27? Not today.

Saudé Creek Vineyards

This represents a 1-5 scale with What the fuck? being the worst and Oh, hell yes! being the best.
The W-I-N-O tasting scale (the M is silent because who cares about the Ms?)
[W] – What the fuck?
If I won’t drink it, it’s fucking bad because I’ll drink anything.
[I] – I’ll pass.
Not good, but not dumped. That would be wasteful.
[M] – Meh.
It’s whatever.
[N] – Now we’re getting somewhere!
This is a goodie. I may have bought it, or it might not be worth the money, or I’ve already spent too much.
[O] – Oh, hell yes!
I probably bought this one.

Here we go, the Saudé Creek Vineyards wines – please remember, these are just my opinions …

Chardonnay Reserve
Teenie weenie bits of oak and banana flavor. I mean teeeeenie weenie.
Rating [M] Price $27
Pamunkey Fall
This Chardonnay is named for the Pamunkey River. It smells like bread – the wine, not the river. Okay, the river might smell like bread, I’ve not actually been to the river and it could be stagnant in places, but I digress. This is their best seller? I mean, this is their best seller!
Rating [M] Price $21
Vidal Blanc
Another good one for those just getting into drinking wine. It’s only 0.9% residual sugar so it’s not very sweet, but it’s fruity. Personally, I like something more interesting, but whatever.
Rating [M] Price $21
One of my favorite grapes has once again been poorly represented. [sigh!] It smells pretty floral, which I expect, but it’s acidic and boring in the glass. Gawd!
Rating [M] Price $22
Wintertime White
Yeay! Now we’re getting somewhere. Although it makes me think of spring more than winter it is a darn tasty Riesling that doesn’t make your tongue feel like you’ve just dipped it in Vaseline.
Rating [N] Price $19
Tavern White
Have you ever been in a restaurant kitchen or stood by their dumpster out back and smelled the trash? Jesus! Didn’t anyone notice that when they were bottling this stuff? If you can get past the smell of rotted vegetation, there is some pineapple and spicy stuff happening in there and tastes pretty good.
<hand clapping!> Katherine, thank you for inverting my glass onto a napkin rather than committing wine-tasting homicide with a water rinse!
Rating [M] Price $16
Typical Bordeaux-style blend – predictable tobacco, berries, blah, blah, blah. I’m so bored. For $35 can I at least get a hint of chocolate in there?
Rating [M] Price $35
It smells earthy. It tastes earthy. Overall, I’d say it’s earthy.
Rating [M] Price $27
Cabernet Franc
Who doesn’t love pork? Oh, that’s right, there is an area in the middle east … Anyway, this one reminds me of a pig roast smelling like bacon and smoke. Ooooh, I suddenly want a BLT and a glass of this Cab Franc. Please. Thank you.
Rating [N] Price $27
Saudé Creek Red
There’s not a lot happening for my nose, but there is 2% residual sugar and some spicy stuff happening, so this would probably make a really good mulled wine or sangria, but also good as is.
Rating [N] Price $19
Tavern Red
If you’ve ever had a fireplace and when it rains the creosote in the chimney gets wet, you now have an idea what this one smells like – dirty fireplace. In spite of that, it’s infused with just the right amount of cinnamon to make it delicious. If I HAD to take home a bottle of something today, this would be it.
Rating [N] Price $19


SUMMARY: This is a short opinion today because there just wasn’t much interesting to talk about. The wines are generally “meh”, but they’ve only been doing this for 5.5 years so I’m sure the wines will improve. The tasting room and views are worth the visit, so head out and grab a Wintertime White, sit on the deck, and enjoy some good company. But please come back and let me know what you thought of the garbage-bouquet … uh, I mean Tavern White because, surely, I am mistaken in my assessment!

Saudé Creek Vineyards Saudé Creek Vineyards

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