Williamsburg Winery

Williamsburg Winery – Did I just step in something?

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Supposedly, this is the biggest winery in Virginia. Their Governor’s White sells 150,000-180,000 bottles – excuse me? Yup! 150,000-180,000 bottles per year accounting for 30% of their sales.

MountainRose Vineyard Wines

Need coal for someone’s stocking? – MountainRose Vineyard

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This area is referred to as the “buckle of the bible belt”. MountainRose does pick-and-eat events in mid summer. They plant roses at the ends of the rows of grape vines to help determine disease, blight, etc. All these cool little stories are probably the reason I missed what grapes I was drinking.

Plum Creek Winery Wines

Plum Creek Drunkery… I mean Winery

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Good grief! How did we spend almost 2 ½ hours at this winery? I’ll tell you how! It’s those darned charming owners. We had to cut 2 wineries off the end of our winery tour today, but talking with these two was well worth it, we … connected.